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Tian is problem solver.

We provide innovative and tailor-made solutions to customers in process design, process optimization, new technology research and development, as well as market and investment analysis.

With profound and comprehensive research background, we generate interdisciplinary green concept in problem solution. Through our extremely experienced and extensive understanding of industrial markets we could grand optimal and tailor-made solutions.

Use cases develped by Tian Technology

DEP Au Separation process

Cyanidation, the most widely applied conventional gold mining technology, however induces many and serious environmental pollution. Many governments or organizations, such as USA and EU, have already issued laws to limit and even prohibit the application of this technology.

The DEP Au separation process is based on a physical phenomenon, dielectrophoresis (DEP), an effect of particles’ translational motion induced by dielectric polarization in inhomogeneous electric field. In the case of gold separation, due to the high permittivity of gold particles compared to water in a low frequency electric field, the gold particles will be moved toward high electric field region, while the other particles in the ore will be repelled from the high electric field due to lower permittivities compared to water, thereby realizing fractionation (Figure 1). No chemicals are involved and no chemical reaction occurs during process, therefore, zero pollution!

In cooperation with the Center of Environmental Research and Sustainable Technology (UFT), University of Bremen, the concept of this separation mechanism was theoretically and experimentally proved using a lab-scaled process in 2007. With many years further research and development for industrialization and optimization to realize maximized separation effect with minimized energy cost, the DEP Au separation process can fractionate gold particles out of mine with a separation efficiency of 88 %. The process is modularized by integrating all into one/more containers, which makes mining mobile and flexible, and eliminates the initial investment in infrastructure construction required in conventional gold mining processes. Tailor-designed process can be applied in recovering, extracting and recycling other inert metals (such as platinum group elements) from original and tailing ores.

Figure 1, Dielectrophoretic effects of gold (yellow) and residual (brown) particles

The patent rights are held by Tian Technology.





Figure 2, Schematic description of single DEP Au separator


Supercritical water oxidization reactor (SCWO)

The process of supercritical water oxidization, classified as Green Chemistry, occurs in water at temperature and pressure above a mixture’s thermodynamic critical point (Figure 1), under which water presents unique properties allowing single-phase reaction of aqueous waste with a dissolved oxidizer, and resulting in precipitate of salt out of solution due to its reversed solubility. This reactor can be applied to destruct hazardous wastes, such as PCBs, and hence in the field of treatment of extremely concentrated hazardous waste water, sludge, and solid wastes.

Tian Technology offers two different scales SCWO processes for industrial waste water treatment (with highly concentrated organic compounds), sludge and solid wastes (Figure 2). Integrated with other technologies, we provide a full waste treatment solution with zero pollution and emission, hence realizing full recovery, recycling and reuse of matters in the waste.

Figure 1, Supercritical water status

Figure 2, Schematic demonstration of two different scales SCWO processes