Tian Technology

Innovation for the Indusry

Welcome to Tian Technology

Tian Technology Development GmbH is an innovative development company with the central business idea to develop unique and environmental benign technologies for various industrial fields as

  • Waste treatment
  • Mining
  • Energy harvesting
  • Chemical processing
  • Green materials

Thanks to our highly qualified experts with more than 20 years of experience Tian Technology has developed and patented several processing technologies. In addition,  Tian Technology covers the complete range of services for successful innovations including research and development, product design, as well as market analysis. In that sense, we support our customers with tailor-designed products and solutions with full consideration of environmental and economic aspects.

  • Clean environment is our concern
  • Green technology is our tool
  • Tailored design is our promise.

A second business unit is the distribution of CNC routers for professionals. We provide a wide range of CNC routers  for various applications. Our machines have an excellent price-performance ratio, find further  details under CNC Maschinen.